Health & Safety

One of the first areas of your kitchen that an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will inspect during a random visit is your fridge and freezer door seals.

Any split, frozen, damaged, hanging or missing seals could have a detrimental effect on an establishment ‘Food Hygiene Rating’ and could lead to a fine or even a kitchen being closed for repeated offences. It’s important that your fridge door seals are checked on a regular basis to ensure they meet the high standards for food safety and to avoid legal issues or being named in the local press.

A split, damaged or worn seal is a potential reservoir for pathogens. A pathogen is a biological agent that can cause serious illness. Refrigeration units prevent the growth of food spoilage organisms and even stops the growth of many food-borne pathogens.

In order to maintain the correct storage temperatures within the refrigeration it is essential to maintain an airtight seal between the refrigerated space and the surrounding ambient temperature.

By cleaning and replacing refrigeration door seals regularly, the risk of food cross-contamination is significantly reduced or eradicated altogether.