• How do I measure a fridge or freezer gasket/seal?

    Taking the right measurements is vital when requesting made-to-measure fridge door gaskets. There are three techniques to determine the fridge seal measurements:

    Outside-to-Outside (A size)
    Magnet-to-Magnet (B size)
    Dart-to-Dart (Centre-to Centre) (C size)

    For further information please read our SEAL GUIDES.

  • How do I determine the A, B, C size of a fridge or freezer gasket seal?

    A size: This is the most commonly used method to determine the seal dimensions (width x height). The A size is measured by taking the outside-to-outside dimensions of the fridge seal.
    B size: This method is not very commonly used. The B size is measured by taking the measurements from magnet-to-magnet.
    C size: For dart profiles, centre-to-centre is the best way to take measurements. We advise engineers to take measurements for dart profiles (width x height) in the door (or drawer). In practice, this means you measure the inside edge of the slot on the one side to the outside edge of the slot on the other side.

  • How do I identify my fridge or freezer gasket/seal?

    If you have already cut the gasket/seal and can see the cross-section please read our SEAL GUIDES to identify the profile.

  • How do I fit my fridge or freezer gasket/seal?

    Please follow the link to our SEAL GUIDE to read our step-by-step guide on ‘How to install your Fridge or Freezer Seal’.

  • How do I clean my fridge or freezer seal?

    Remove the coarse contamination with a cloth or brush. Use a water-based cleaner or our professional cleaner specially developed for fridge seal maintenance. Make sure to use a clean cloth, not the kitchen cloth that has been in contact with food, grease etc. Gently open the folds of the fridge seal with your hand to clean in-between. For more information please proceed to our SEAL GUIDES section where you will find a step-by-step guide on ‘How to Maintain your Fridge or Freezer Seal’.

  • How do I get a price for my fridge or freezer gasket/seal?

    The unit cost for a stock fridge or freezer items, or bespoke fridge or freezer gaskets, or seal prices will be displayed on the item pages. Please note that VAT is not included.

  • Is there any discount available for large orders?

    Please contact us if you have questions regarding the available discounts via email [email protected] or by calling at 00 44 7936807320.

  • Can I send a sample fridge or freezer gasket or seal?

    We are more than happy to receive your samples either the whole gasket/seal or a piece of a profile. If we receive the whole gasket/seal we can verify the measurements and try to identify the correct profile. If you send a piece we try to identify the profile but you will need to supply us with the measurements.
    For further information on how to measure fridge or freezer seal please read our SEAL GUIDES.

  • Can you send a sample fridge or freezer gasket seal?

    Of course, we are ready to help you with a sample piece. Use our contact form, or send an email to [email protected], or call us at 0044 7936807320. We can also assist you in finding the matching profile or a suitable alternative.
    For the professional refrigeration engineer, we have compiled a sample case. This sample case contains 80 commonly used PVC profiles. This sample case can be ordered online here

  • Can I send a photo of the fridge or freezer gasket seal?

    Sure, you can but we do need it to see the cross-section of the Gasket/Seal as any other view/angle would be inconclusive. Please send your photos to [email protected] or WhatsApp: 00 44 7936807320.

  • What is the shipping and handling cost?

    We currently offer the following options:

    We currently offer the following options
    FREE delivery (economy delivery for under 2 kg)
    SAME/NEXT working day £10.00+VAT with national couriers to the mainland UK.
    £15 for the non-mainland UK and North Ireland (excluding channel islands).

    Please contact [email protected] for other destinations.

  • What is the delivery time?

    A standard order from our stock profiles will take shipped same or next working day from placing the order. Non-stock items will be shipped within 2 working days from placing the order.
    If you do have a request for an urgent delivery, please contact [email protected]. There is a possibility to place a rush order for the same day shipping. A surcharge of £10 per order is applicable for rush orders. Orders must be received before noon (with a maximum of 5 seals per order

  • Do you deliver fridge and freezer seals to other countries?

    Our products are shipped to many countries. You can also pick-up your order by using your own shipping account. Please contact [email protected] or call us at 00 44 7936807320 to find more about our shipping costs.

  • The magnet is not strong enough to keep the fridge or freezer door closed.

    Right after installation magnetic seals can have less power of attraction. It can take several weeks for the magnet to reach the right power of attraction.

  • What if I ordered the wrong dimensions?

    If you accidentally ordered a seal with the wrong dimensions we can help you to ‘re-work’ the seal. Obviously, re-work is only possible if the seal needs to be smaller. A special tariff applies to re-work as the PVC and magnet have already been paid for. For re-work of fridge seals the following rules apply:
    Contact our [email protected] and provide us with your order number.
    The seal must be fit for re-work. Upon receiving the seal, it will be checked if:
    The seal is in good condition, not wrinkled or folded;
    The required seal must be minimum 1 cm less wide or 1 cm less high.

  • What if I ordered the wrong profile?

    We are very sorry if the wrong profile was ordered. Always double check your order before sending it to [email protected]. Seals are produced to customer order and are Non-returnable and Non-refundable.
    However, if we have made a mistake we will replace free of charge and stock items can be returned up to 14 days if unused for the refund minus stock return charges.

  • The fridge or freezer gasket/seal has creases after unpacking.

    If the gaskets are larger than the box then they need to be folded, whilst we take every care to minimise wrinkles they are inevitable in many cases. Take the gasket/seal out of the box and lay it out flat in a room at ambient temperature, after a couple of hours the wrinkles should disappear, if they don't you can gently warm the wrinkled areas with a hairdryer (try not to hold the dryer too close to the gasket/seal).

  • A worn split or broken fridge or freezer gasket/seal.

    Refrigerator seals (or refrigerator gaskets) need to replace over time. The lifespan of a refrigerator seal largely depends on the way it is maintained and the intensity of use. Please follow the link to read more on ‘How to Maintain your Seal’.

  • I forgot my password how I can request a new password?

    Enter the email address connected to your FRIDGE SEALS DIRECT account at the ‘forgot your password?’ page. You will receive an email with instructions to set a new password.