Custom Seal Manufacturing

Quality of product 

All seals produced by Fridge seals direct meet the highest quality standards. All compounds used meet the European Legislation of Directive 2011/65/EU or RoHS 2

Quality of welded corners

At our production facility fridge seals are produced manually with high precision. It is important that profiles are connected in a 90-degree angle. The several “chambers” of the profile must also be precisely interconnected so the gasket is enabled to make an air tight connection when the fridge door or drawer is closed.

The chance of a manufacturing defect is reduced to an absolute minimum through our quality assurance system.

Custom seal configuration and ordering

When ordering custom seals it is important that the correct information is passed on

identifying the profile you need can be done by cutting out a profile cross section of 2-5mm
Compare this piece of seal profile with the profile drawings on our website

When taking measurements it is important to indicate how the measurements were taken 

The measurements can be taken in two ways A- outside to outside C- centre to centre
If the measurements are not taken in the correct way your seals might not fit

Do you want to order a custom fridge or freezer door seal ?

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