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Commercial Fridge Seals in Ireland

What causes Fridge & Freezer Door Gaskets’ malfunction?

The refrigerator should not only reduce the temperature in the cooling and freezing chambers but also maintain the selected mode. A big role in this is played by the elastic gum on the device door. If it is loose, frost appears on the inner walls of the chamber, the compressor switches on more often and consumes more energy.

The tightness of the refrigerating and freezing cabinets is ensured by an elastic rubber band with a magnetic insert inside. Its main function is to tightly “glue” the appliance door to the body when closing.

If it is not adjacent to the surfaces and gaps remain through which warm air enters the chambers, malfunctions in the operation of the refrigerator appear.

Warm air enters the gap between the rubber band and the body of the device. It contains particles of water vapour, which condenses when the temperature drops and settles on the walls of the chamber in the form of droplets. This water freezes. Frost is gradually formed, and its layer becomes thicker.

This may cause the temperature sensor to fail. To maintain the desired mode, the refrigerator compressor turns on more often, runs longer and less efficiently than before.

As a result, there is an increase in energy consumption and premature wear of an expensive part. The consumer has to constantly overpay on bills for electricity, and later - to change the damaged compressor.

Timely restoration or replacement of the rubber seal for the refrigerator is a simple and cheap way to avoid serious problems that will inevitably lead to large costs.

Replacement Fridge and Freezer Seals

Fridge Seals Direct have in stock ready to ship now, a vast range of Brand name fridge and freezer door seals and gaskets including well known AHT Cooling, Infrico, Apollo, Williams, Foster, Gram, Polar, Autonumis, Osborne, Husky, True, Infrico, Silver King, Gamko, Inomak, Rhino, Atosa, Weald, Lec Commercial, Valera, Apollo, Electrolux, and more available at Fridge Seals Direct

Customised Commercial Fridge and Freezer Door Seals & Gaskets

We also manufacture seals and gaskets for obsolete or unknown fridge and freezer cabinets. Our seals and gaskets are machines welded to your measured specifications. We have over 100 profiles in stock ranging from magnetic dart profiles, compression profiles, flap/lip profiles.

Walk-In Cold Room and Freezer Room Gaskets, Seals & PVC Curtains

We offer a broad range of rubber profiles for replacing broken or worn rubber seals on cold room and freezer hinged doors and sliding doors. In the category, Cold Room Door Seals you can find our entire assortment. Our range of PVC strip curtains includes single strips to full kits.

The search and replacement of the seal on the door of the refrigerator - all this is troublesome, though simple events. If you do not know where to start, contact us and we will help you!